Final Draft 10
Write movie and TV scripts, stage plays, and new media with Final Draft – the number-one selling entertainment industry-standard application that combines powerful word processing with professional script formatting. There is no need to learn about script formatting rules – Final Draft automatically formats your script to industry standards as you write. Works seamlessly with the new Final Draft Writer app for iPad (sold separately). TOP WRITING FEATURES INCLUDE: * Scene View - Outline your script and reorder scenes using a simple drag-and-drop interface. * Navigator – View, sort and filter the important details of your scenes, Scriptnotes and Characters. * Index Cards - Easily outline your story and restructure your script one scene at a time. * ScriptNotes – Make general or element specific color-coded notes that won’t affect your script’s pagination. * Templates – Over 100 classic and current television shows, screenplay, stageplay, and graphic novel templates are available with the option to customize your own. * Pagination - Final Draft paginates your script perfectly to industry standards universally for OSX, PC or iPad. * Watermarking in Printing and PDF Options - You can print your watermarked script to any printer with standardized paper size or save directly to PDF in flawless script format. * Panels System - Split your screen in half so you can view scene outlines while simultaneously writing your script. * Final Draft Courier Font - We have created the ideal screenwriting font that is easy to read while meeting industry requirements. * Writing Management - Check content you've written to help you manage your writing goals. * Format Assistant - After you're finished with your first draft, run Format Assistant to make sure there are no formatting errors. * Retina and Full Screen Support - Benefit from the convenience of distraction-free writing in…
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