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$6.99 - View in App Store Living Earth is the best and most beautiful world clock and weather app for your Mac! The award winning app for iPhone and iPad is now available with a single click from your Mac menu bar offering easily accessible world times and weather for millions of cities around the world. Real-time global cloud cover, live wallpaper, and screensaver features turns your desktop into a window in space.

Apple Editors' Choice!
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"Living Earth is proof that a world clock and weather app can be beautiful" - Apple @AppStore

"In a sea of more complicated and ambitious apps, Living Earth is beautifully simple." - New York Times 'Best Apps'

"A stunning app that shows the Earth in real time, based on global weather reports. " - WIRED Insider 'Must Have Apps'


● World clock and weather with a single click on the menu bar or customizable shortcut from anywhere in your Mac.
● Live clouds from near real-time satellite cloud data - updated every 3 hours. View global cloud patterns, hurricanes and tropical storms around the world.
● World clock, weather and extended forecast for millions of cities around the world with 7 day and 2-hour forecasts.
● Live Desktop wallpaper and screensaver. Updates continuously while you work.
● Observe sunrise and sunset borders around the world live as they are happening. Watch the day and night shadow line progress across the globe through the day.
● Rayleigh atmospheric scattering calculations for photorealistic atmospheric simulation.
● Observe the changing seasons throughout the year. View snow and ice coverage as well as other seasonal changes on our globe.
● High resolution live 3D simulation. Optimized for the new Retina display on the Macbook Pro.

Quality detailed weather information provided by Weather Underground ( Weather Underground is the world's best source of the most reliable and accurate weather data available.


App Details

  • Version 1.21
  • Created & Sold by Radiantlabs, LLC
  • Released on August 23, 2012
  • File Size: 88 MB
  • $6.99
  • Age Rating: 4+
  • Categories: Utilities & Weather

Release Notes


- New option to disable the star background for the desktop wallpaper. We've heard your feedback and many of you like the Earth with a completely black desktop background.

- Fixed performance issues with the screensaver on Yosemite. Things should be much smoother now.

- Thanks for all of the support. If you have issues or want to leave a comment please reach out to us at or @livingearthapp on Twitter. Because ratings are reset on every update we'd greatly appreciate taking a spare moment to rate us in the App Store. It definitely keeps us motivated in making more free updates!


- We've added our universe in the backdrop, rendered with stunning precision and beauty. Constellations, star brightness, color, nebula and the Milky Way are all displayed accurately in space.

- We've refreshed the interface for a more modern look and added support for Dark Mode.

- We've fixed compatibility issues for OSX Yosemite 10.10.

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